Façades and coatings

Translating means turning to a new language in order to find new possibilities of mutual under-standing, using intelligence: however, this requires a framework.  Translating requires “moving across” some third element, common to both languages. Cement i.light®, transparent, is now available to architects and designers as one of these frameworks.

A building with outside walls made of transparent cement i.light® opens living spaces to the environment as never before.

An outside wall made of i.light® cement adapts inside life to changes in atmospheric conditions and seasons outside; at night, it turns the building into a distinct element in the urban context, as it allows a discrete and creative coming out of light generated inside.

Data sheet






Classical colors are white and grey. However, it is possible to calculate a given quantity of pigment to color the cement mix that needs to be suited to inserted elements in various colors. 

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